Vendor Application


Welcome to the 4th annual Old School Car Show at Star Academy 2508 Airport Road, Colorado Springs, CO. 80910, on Saturday, August 4, 2012


Move-in and access to your booth space will be available starting at 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM on Saturday,  August 4th, and move-out no later than after 6:00 PM.

The actual show starts on Saturday, August 4th. The show starts at 10:00 AM and ends at 10:00 PM

Please be prepared to stay the full day Saturday. Vehicles will not be allowed into Star Academy for the purpose of loading or unloading until after 6:00 PM on Saturday, August 4th.

Types of Booths / Vendors

This year we will offer outdoor booths serving 4 different types of vendors: Arts & Crafts Vendors, Food Vendors, Special Booth Vendors and Non-Profits.

Arts & Crafts Vendors include self-employed craft makers, home makers, artists, craftsmen, quilts, silk flowers and those from the “self art” world.  Artists may not share booth space except where there is collaboration in the work being shown. Knock-off products or mass-produced items are not allowed.

Food Vendors include all of the typical foods offered at community celebrations such as turkey legs, hot dogs, cotton candy, kettle corn, hamburgers, etc.

Special Booth Vendors include retail sales of toys, clothing, leather goods, hats, purses, jams, jellies, breads, food product sampling; businesses, colleges or any learning institutions; business people or professionals in a for profit sales tax status.

Non-Profits include any organization with a non-profit status or donation base with a non-profit status.  Proof of Non-Profit status is required by submitting your IRS Non-Profit ID number.

Booth Rates  (This cost includes disposal of trash and parking)

10 foot by 10 foot space:

The cost for each 10 foot by 10 foot space is $200  


10 foot by 15 foot space:

The cost for each 10 foot by 15 foot space is $400


10 foot by 20 foot space:

The cost for each 10 foot by 20 foot space is $600


All corner spaces are an additional $50. Please stipulate on the Vendor Application if you want a corner space.


Items available for rent within each space

10’x10′ tents at $200 each 

10’x15′ tents at $300 each 

10’x20′ tents at $400 each

Tent walls that enclose all 4 sides $150 per tent (all sizes)

Tables $15 each  

Chairs $5 each

All booths within each vendor space are owned and professionally installed by AAa Rental Center of Colorado Springs 

Special Incentive

As an incentive to the local business community of Colorado Springs, Gotta Lovett Promotions is offering the following special opportunity to recruit your fellow businessman:

Recruit 2 vendors for the Old School Car Show and receive an 10’x10’ space for FREE! ($200 value)

Recruit 3 vendors and receive an 10’x15’ space for FREE! ($400 value)

Recruit 4 vendors and receive a 10’x20’ space for FREE! ($600 value)

Recruit 7 vendors and get two 10’ X 20’ CORNER SPACES TOGETHER, two 10’ x 20’ tents, 8 tent walls, 4 tables and 8 chairs for…FREE!!! This offer is an exclusive end cap consisting of four 10′ X 10′ spaces grouped together facing the Concert Stage! ($2,400 value)


Please make sure your name(s), address, phone number and email address are legible in your correspondence.  Vendors’ space will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Applications will be processed only after we receive your completed application and check or money order and your insurance certificate.  You will receive a confirmation phone call or email when your application has been processed and finalized.  To check on the status of your application you can call Ray Lovett at (719) 323-3961.

Arts and Crafts: Pictures

If you are an Arts and Crafts Vendor, you must submit five (5) photos that are representative of the work you will be selling.  These photos will be used for advance screening and determine your eligibility.  The photos should be labeled in ink with the artist’s name.  Please do not send sample artwork.

If your work is not accepted during the screening, your photos will be returned to you.  You will receive a refund of the application fee within 30 days of notification.

If your application is accepted, you may collect your photos at the Information booth on the days of the event.  Please see the map for the location of the Information booth.

Water and Carbonated Drinks

Please be advised that we do NOT allow the sale of bottled water, energy drinks or canned/bottled carbonated beverages as this will be an opportunity to a future sponsor who will be providing beverages to the public.  Please contact Ray Lovett if you have any questions about this special beverage sponsorship opportunity.

Event Insurance

All vendors are required to have liability insurance.  Please furnish Ray Lovett a Certificate of Insurance evidencing your coverage for Comprehensive General Liability with bodily injury and property damage limits of $1,000,000 each occurrence/$2,000,000 general aggregate, including listing the Old School Car Show as additional insured to your current policy. Your Certificate of Insurance or payment for liability insurance coverage must be received before your application can be finalized.  Proof of coverage for Worker’s Compensation should be included if you intend to have employees or volunteers participate.

You, as a Lessee agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Colorado Springs for all costs and expenses of any nature arising out of a claim for “bodily injury” sustained by any person, group or organization arising out of the operation of the booth by the applicant and/or applicant’s employees, volunteers or guests.

Cancellation Policy

If you have to cancel your registration with the Old School Car Show before July 1, 2012, a cancellation fee of $100 will apply.  No refunds after July 20, 2012.

Information Packet

You will receive a packet with your booth assignment number, a map and parking permits by mail.  If you have not received your packet by July 20, 2012, please contact Ray Lovett at (719) 323-3961 or

Food Booth

Cleanup and final inspection must be completed by Saturday, August 4, 2012, by 8:00 PM.

Health Department Permit to Operate

Your License to Operate a Food Service Establishment must be prominently displayed within your booth space.  Failure to bring and post this license will result in your inability to operate at the event.  The El Paso County Health Department reminds you of the minimum requirements to operate a Temporary Event:

Sanitizer buckets with test strips

Warm/cold water for hand washing

A catch bucket for all soiled water.  You are not allowed to drain water directly into the streets, gutters or on the ground.

For additional information you can contact the El Paso County Health Department at (719) 578-3199.

Colorado Springs Fire Department Rules and Regulations

Fire Department
Division of the Fire Marshal
November 6, 2009
Re: Cooking Vendors and LPG Use at Special Events
Event Planners: During 2009, a survey was sent out that was completed by all vendors and returned to the fire department. The survey was a tool used to identify hazards associated with cooking operations and tents/canopies. The data collected identified a
significant concern with these areas. As a result, the Division of the Fire Marshal will enact and enforce regulations for cooking operations in tents/canopies. The purpose of these regulations is to provide as safe event as possible for the event attendees as well as the neighboring community. Attached is the Special Event Vendor Worksheet which outlines the regulations for vendors utilizing cooking operations. These regulations will be strictly enforced during fire inspection prior to the start of an event. Any vendor found not
meeting these regulations will not be allowed to participate in the event. The most significant regulation is the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). The regulations are designed to keep the amount of LPG for any single vendor, below amounts that require a permit. However vendors may elect to have amounts that do require a permit. The amount of LPG that a vendor utilizes (stored on site and/or uses) that would require a permit is a total aggregate amount greater than 125 gallons water capacity. Note that water capacity does not equal pounds. This means a 20 pound cylinder does not equal 20 gallons of water capacity. Page 2 of the Special Event Vendor Worksheet includes a conversion Table to determine how much LPG, in water capacity, a vendor utilizes. Again, any vendor utilizing more than 125 gallons water capacity of LPG will be required to obtain an LPG Use permit. Such vendors must meet the full extent of the fire code. This means that the vendor may be required to change locations in order to meet separation requirements. DURING THE INSPECTION, ANY VENDOR FOUND TO HAVE MORE THAN 125 GALLONS, WATER CAPACITY OF LPG, WITHOUT A PERMIT, WILL IMMEDIATELY REMOVE LPG TO BELOW 125 GALLONS OR THE VENDOR WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT. No exceptions. It is imperative that this letter along with the attached Special Event Vendor Worksheet be forwarded to all cooking vendors and/or included in any vendor materials that are provided. Extra copies of the worksheet may be found at the following web location: A signature line has also been provided on the worksheet. The signature line is to be signed by the vendor. Their signature acknowledges they have read and understand the regulations. A copy of this signed worksheet must be retained and readily available during the fire inspection. Should any issues arise, the inspector will check to see if a signed copy of the worksheet is on hand. Should there be any questions whatsoever, please contact met as early as possible. The more lead time on issues will provide a smoother transition with these regulations. The time to work out any issues is now and not a week before the event. Thank you very much for your continued support and understanding.

Steven Smith
Fire Protection Engineer II
Colorado Springs Fire Dept
Enclosure (I)
cc: Lonnie Spanswick
Brett Lacey
File ‘
Division of the Fire Marshal
375 Printers Parkway, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910
(P)719-385-5978 (F)719-385-7334
Colorado Springs Fire Department
Office of the Fire Marshal

Cooking and LPG Use at Special Events November 2009
PURPOSE To establish requirements for cooking operations within special events.
SCOPE: This document pertains to all special events whether public or private utilizing vendors which cook foods.
DEFINITIONS: Canopy – A temporary structure, enclosure or shelter constructed of fabric or pliable materials supported in any manner other than by air or the contents it protects, which is open, without side walls or drops on 75 percent or more of the perimeter.

Cooking Booths – Those tents, canopies or other structures that are used solely for the purposes of cooking. No other uses permitted except the sales of the food cooked.
Temporary Structure – Any enclosure or shelter constructed of materials as described in the 2003 International Fire Code, as amended, and erected for a period of less than 180 days.
Tent – Any temporary structure, enclosure, or shelter constructed of fabric or pliable material supported in any manner other than by air or the contents it protects, with side walls or drops on 75 percent or more of the perimeter.


Cooking Booth Structure
• Cooking booths shall be grouped together in single rows, spanning 100 lineal feet or less in distance. See Figure 1 on back. Groups of cooking booths shall be separated from all other non-cooking vendors by at least 16 feet unobstructed clearance in all directions.
• Required fire lane may be part of the required 16-ft separation. If so, 16-ft is absolute minimum. No obstructions in or over the fire lane permitted.
• There is no limit on the number of grouped cooking booths or where they are located within the event.
• Cooking booths shall be constructed from flame retardant materials. A label shall be permanently affixed to the structure.

Cooking Fuels LPG
• One cylinder per cooking appliance plus one cylinder per cylinder size, additional storage, permitted for each cooking booth.
• Safety valves on LPG cylinders shall be pointed away from tent/canopies/structures.
• LPG cylinders shall be located outside of cooking booths (unless specifically approved) and no less than 1 foot from the
exterior of the structure.
• LPG cylinders shall be located remotely from all exits for each vendor as well as adjacent vendors.
• LPG tanks are uniformly and remotely located amongst each cooking vendor. See Figure 2 on back.
• No smoking signs are posted within 10 feet of the cylinders. Wording for signs shown in Figure 3 on back.
• Cylinders are protected and securely fastened to a suitable object to prevent tampering and/or tipping.
• Any individual vendor utilizing more than 125 gallons (water capacity) of LPG will apply for a LPG Permit and meet all applicable code requirements. The permit must be submitted and approved a minimum of 1 week before the event. Permit requirements are more restrictive than noted in this document. If during the inspection, a vendor is found to have more than 125 gallons (water capacity) of LPG, that vendor must immediately reduce the LPG to below 125 gallons or the vendor will not be allowed to participate in the event. To determine the amount of LPG being used, complete Table 1 on back.

Solid Fuels
• All cooking utilizing solid fuels must be done under open air and not located under any canopy, tent, and membrane
structure or similar.

• A metal receptacle with a secure lid shall be provided for the sole purposes of collecting hot ashes, smoldering coals, cinders, etc. This receptacle shall not be used for general trash/rubbish.

• One extinguisher with a minimum rating of 2A: 10BC required for all cooking activities.
• One Class K (wet chemical) extinguisher, in addition to above extinguisher, is required for cooking appliance utilizing vegetable or animal fats and oils.
• Deep fat fryers shall be provided with a metal lid to cover the hot oil in case of rain.

Volunteer Support

We are always looking for participating vendors to support the volunteers that make this event possible.  If you would like to provide a few complimentary items for the cause such as lunch or dinner items, please indicate the item(s) and quantity on the application.  The Old School Car Show staff will generate a certificate with your generous donation or you may forward a gift certificate for our use.  Thank you in advance for your generosity


Your vendor packet will contain the appropriate maps and directions concerning vendor parking.

Equipment  Rental

The Old School Car Show staff has arranged for vendor rental of items such as tents, chairs and tables.  You must supply these items yourself or you can rent them from the Old School Car Show staff through our agreement with AAa Rental Center of Colorado Springs.  Please see your vendor application form for pricing of these rental items.

If you supply your own tent or canopy you must be sure that it is properly anchored to withstand all-weather conditions that may be encountered.  Driving stakes into the ground inside the Event Center is not allowed!  Sand bags or weighted containers must be used in lieu of staking.  Gotta Lovett Promotions will not be held liable for damages caused by tents or canopies that blow down.


Electricity will be provided to those vendors who requested and paid for hooking up to our generators.  This electricity will be supplied during event hours only and the generators will be turned off during the evening hours on Friday and Saturday.  DO NOT LEAVE FROZEN FOODS OR ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES ELECTRICITY IN YOUR BOOTH SPACE AFTER EVENT HOURS.  Gotta Lovett Promotions will not accept responsibility for your damaged or melted inventory or supplies due to the electricity being turned off at night.

Gas for the power generators is the responsibility of the vendor.

If you supply your own generator it must be smokeless and noiseless and not be a distraction or annoyance to the public or other vendors in your area. This option is only available to outdoor vendors! No generators are allowed indoors!

If you require any special equipment, plugs or wiring to hook up to our generators you may incur an additional fee.  Please contact the Old School Car Show staff during your setup for assistance with special electric needs.


You are responsible to collect and pay your City Sales Tax to the City of Colorado Springs and your State Sales Tax to the State of Colorado.  A total sales tax of 7.4% will be due upon the completion of the event.  It is your responsibility to pay your sales taxes in a timely manner.


If you are a non-profit organization, make sure you enter your IRS Non-Profit ID # on your booth application.  If you are a non-profit organization and you are selling items to the public, you must pay sales tax.


Once your booth is set up, you are responsible for all merchandise within that booth during the event and during the evening after the event closes.  The Colorado Springs Police Department and the men from the Victory Outreach Christian Recovery Home will be on site to provide security to the public.  However, you are responsible for the security of your property and merchandise.  The Old School Car Show staff recommends you remove all valuables from your booth at the end of business on Friday and bring it back in on Saturday during the morning set up.

Thank you for participating in the 4th year of the Old School Car Show!


We are looking forward to seeing you!


Ray Lovett

Gotta Lovett Promotions
2818 N Nevada Ave., Suite 10
Colorado Springs, CO. 80907
Ph# 719-323-3961


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