Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the 4th Annual Old School Car Show at Star Academy, 2508 Airport Road, Colorado Springs, CO. 80910 on Saturday, August 4, 2012.  

Any infraction of the rules and regulations could result in a loss of a finishing position.

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1) The 4th Annual Old School Car Show starts at 10:00 AM and ends with trophy presentation at 3:30 PM

2) All vehicle displays must be set-up between 6 AM and 10 AM.

3) All work on vehicle displays and cleaning and dusting of your vehicle must be completed 15 minutes before the show opens for business.  The show opens at 10 AM!

4) Standard vehicle displays are 10’x20’ (10’x10’ for motorcycles). If your display warrants a larger area, you must get permission from staff and have included the request on your application form with pictures of the display.

5) Displays must abide by all fire marshal rules and regulations. All boxes & supplies must be removed from display.

6) All displays should be free-standing and should be designed so the judges can see everything on your vehicle.

7) Only one (1) vehicle in competition will be allowed in an individual display. If more than one (1) vehicle is in an individual display, the display will not be eligible for Individual Display Awards.

8) No obscene wording, drawings, photos will be allowed on a vehicle, sign or display area. You will be disqualified.

9) All displays will be allowed 110-volt power. A three-wire grounded system must be used throughout your cord system. If the vehicle needs more power, it must be stated on application and pre-approved by the staff.

10) Engines are not allowed to run at any time during the show. If the vehicle is started, you will be disqualified.

11) Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the display area during set-up or show hours.

12) No animals allowed.

13) No “For Sale” signs allowed on or around vehicles. A small sign can be painted on a vehicle (2 x 3.5 inches.) Anything larger than 2 x 3.5 inches must be pre-approved by staff. If not approved, it must be removed or taped over. Vehicles not getting prior approval may risk being disqualified or moved down a class position.

14) All parts of show vehicles must stay in display area, i.e., rims and tires, hood, removable top, etc. All entries to be judged should have doors, hood and trunk open until notified that the car has been judged. 2 colored notifications will be applied to your identification card notifying you that the car has been judged. It may be necessary to have the vehicle reviewed again after the first round of judging. Please make sure that your car is open.

15) All vehicles with belly pans must have access to the undercarriage for the judge. If the judge cannot see the undercarriage, this area will not be given judging points.

16) It is not mandatory, but highly recommended that you have a book with information and photos listing modifications and details that you want to emphasize.

17) Do not forget to abide by the fire marshal’s regulations. Tape gas caps or have a locking gas cap. Disconnect battery, have a drip pan, use a fire-retardant material on displays and use a three-wire ground electrical system.

18) Displays may be torn down after the trophy ceremony, Saturday, Aug. 4th at approximately 3:30 PM

19) During set up and tear down, reckless or careless driving and unnecessary noise will not be allowed.

20) If entry is a single in class, the judges may place you in another class or give award without using a score sheet.

21) Vehicles must be operable within their classification. All vehicles must run, drive forward and reverse, turn left and right, under their own power. Vehicles must be able to stop using their own braking system. The promoter reserves the right to decide if a specific class does not have to start based on public safety requirements.

22) Spot Check Sticker: Upon arrival at the show all vehicles will be checked for operability with the entrant behind the wheel of the vehicle at all times. If a judge passes the vehicle, it will receive a Spot Check Sticker placed on the vehicles headlight. This sticker must remain on headlight for duration of show. If judge does not pass vehicle, vehicle may be disqualified or lowered a position for awards. The judging supervisor will make the final decision.

23) If you feel that your vehicle has been miss-classified, you have until 1 PM on Saturday, Aug. 4th to contact staff in the show office of the potential change.

24) Vehicle protest may be made by any entrant of show. A judging supervisor must be in attendance to determine the requirement of said protest. All protests must be filed by 3 PM on Saturday, Aug 4th with a $50 protest fee. If vehicle passes the supervisor’s test, which will be the same test used during the spot check, the protest fee will be given to the vehicle’s owner. If the vehicle is not operable, the protest fee will be returned to the protester. The protested vehicle will have between 6 AM until 2:30 PM on Saturday, Aug 4th to prove operability. Fuel, oil, water and fluids are allowed to be added to the vehicle. The battery can be charged or replaced. Adjustments may be made to the vehicle according to the supervisor in charge. Fuel must run from the tank through the fuel lines to the engine. The supervisor in charge makes the final decision.

25) When a vehicle is disqualified because of a protest or found inoperable by a judge, the vehicle will automatically be moved down one class position. The vehicle will also not be eligible for any special awards in its class.

26) Any judging discrepancies must be reported within one (1) hour after awards presentation. Under no circumstances may any exhibitor be involved in the judging process.

27) Upon conclusion of the awards presentation, you may pick up your judging sheets at the show office. To receive your judging sheets you must show your show card.

28) Victory Outreach Church of Colorado Springs, Pastor Albert Loma and Ray Lovett (show manager) all staff, show judges, show personnel or sponsors may not be held responsible for theft of or any damage to, vehicles or display, or any articles on the display.


Click HERE to get the Vehicle Application! 

Thank you,

Ray Lovett

Gotta Lovett Promotions

Cell: (719) 323-3961



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